South Indian food has been appreciated the world over for their perfect blend of spice and sweetness. From the lovely coconut chutneys to spicy sambars with a hint of sweetness, every South Indian dish is worth a taste. And if you have been on the lookout for a good south Indian restaurant in Melbourne, we have just the right option for you. Dosa Hut has something for everyone!


A veggie’s south Indian delight


If you have heard a great many jokes on how boring vegetarian food is, Dosa Hut would absolutely change your mind! The amazing varieties of dosas and idlis out here for you to gorge on will in no way disappoint you. From simple crispy dosas and dosas with loads of paneer toppings to idlis and vadas, you can have something new and fantastic every day of the week!


Meat lover’s galore


Meat lovers aren’t far behind when it comes to those that love gorging on the South Indian delicacies we serve. We have dosas out here that have chicken, eggs, and lamb as toppings.


South India served with a dash of China


Ever wondered what can make south Indian dishes more exciting? A bit of China with the goodness of India is what you get when you opt for the Indo Chinese variations of South Indian food out here. These include dosas with a generous dollop of schezwan smeared atop the dosa along with the appealing fillings added to the dosa. The same goes for idlis that are served as chilli idlis to give you a taste of south India and China together.


Sweet with a south Indian touch


Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy the taste of south India with the goodness of chocolates too! Yes, you heard that right! Dosa Hut serves mouth-watering Lindt dosas. Not only that, these also come with cashew atop the dosa. So, if you have been looking for a nutty, chocolatey


With all of these delicious offerings, your hunt for the best South Indian restaurant in Melbourne ends right at Dosa Hut!