The most beloved south Indian dish Dosa is now a world favourite thanks to its unique texture and taste. Most dosas consist of a stuffing which is majorly on the spicier side. Well, not everyone is comfortable with the spice-filled taste. There are many people who have an inclination towards eating mild food. The newer varieties of dosas are filled with either spicy combination of vegetables or chicken, which might not be suitable for people who dislike spicy food. Also, children tend not to eat such spicy preparations. Well, there are several dosas which are far away from spices and are equally tasty! Check out these non-spicy dosas which are extremely delectable.


Plain Dosa

Plain dosa still remains a classic despite of all the innumerable variations. If you want to experience the goodness of dosa in its plain original form then plain dosa is a must-try. Plain dosa has no added spices or ingredients but is tasty to the core. The plain dosa is usually served with sambhar and chutney which goes amazingly well with the crunchy texture of the dosa. Plain dosa is a perfect breakfast treat because it is free from any heavy ingredients and spices.


Paper Dosa

Though there is no significant difference between a plain dosa and a paper dosa, the two differ from each other in terms of consistency and size. Paper dosa is the longest form of dosa prepared in the same manner as the plain dosa. Additionally, a paper dosa is crunchier than the normal dosa. A standard paper dosa is enough for more than one person. Non-spicy by all means, paper dosa is undoubtedly a mouth-watering treat.


Onion Dosa

If you want to try something different from the simple dosa preparations then you can try onion dosa. Onion dosa is not just crunchy and tasty but it also has a flavour to it because of the addition of onions. Onions have a slight hint of sweetness and they complement the dosa’s composition amazingly. Onion dosa is nothing but plain dosa with an addition of chopped onions. This dosa is also served with a variety of chutneys and sambhar.

There are several restaurants which serve Indian food in Melbourne, most of these restaurants also serve the stated dosa varieties!