Eggs have now become an important part of Indian cuisine. Usually, when food lovers talk about Indian food all they can think of is spices, curries and vegetarian dishes. Lately, many egg preparations have become an inseparable part of Indian food. Apart from the already popular egg dishes like egg curries and omelettes, this versatile ingredient is also added to dosas and rice preparations. People these days prefer to go for egg dishes because they are both nutritious and delicious. Indian egg recipes have now found a fan following all over the globe. Adding eggs to Indian dishes is innovative and easy because eggs adapt easily to Indian flavours and spices. Most people think eggs are only good for breakfast but in reality, they can also be eaten for meals. Egg dosas are amazing for a tummy-filling meal! It can be rightly said that egg dishes are apt for everyone to be it children or grownups. The mixture of spices, eggs and vegetables is delectable by all means. Try egg dosas at the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne. Here are some egg dosas you must try.


Egg Masala Dosa


Egg Masala Dosa not only has eggs but also has a delicious mixture of mashed potatoes. The combination of flavourful potatoes and eggs is unbeatable and interesting. Slightly heavy on the tummy, Egg Masala Dosa is must-try. This dosa has a perfect balance of spices which works for everyone.


Egg Paneer Dosa


The combination of paneer and eggs is extremely healthy. Egg Paneer Dosas are perfect for people who do not like spicy food. Eat this dosa with chutney and sambhar and you are very much likely to order for more.


Egg Chicken Dosa


Non-vegetarians especially chicken lovers should definitely try Egg Chicken Dosa. The dosa here is filled with spicy chicken mixture and eggs! High on flavours and awesomeness, this dosa will give you food goals for sure.

Binge on these egg dosas at the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne.