Indian cuisine has slid its way to being one of the most loved dishes on most people’s list of favourite foods. And that is definitely not a surprise. With Indian spices into the mix, any dish is bound to be a masterpiece. The South Indian dosa, eaten with delicious coconut chutney and sambar, is one such food item that has snagged the heart of foodies. However, with a few variations to this little number, meat lovers can have the best of both worlds!

Dosa Hut, an Indian restaurant in Brisbane, Melbourne, has some of the most delightful dosas with meat and eggs stuffing that is bound to draw you in like ants to sugar. From the taste of the dish to the aroma, the dishes are perfection to the core.

Here’s what you can expect out here:

Chicken Dosa

The most popular addition to dosas, chicken cooked in spices that lure your senses in and increase your appetite a ten-fold can make your experience of munching on crispy dosas when they are served as a topping or stunning within your dosa. The chicken dosas served at Dosa Hut come in an array of choices where you can have your favourite chicken dish as part of the dosa.

Lamb Dosa

Succulent pieces of lamb marinated in spices and aromatic condiments make for a perfect topping for a dosa. Accompanied by chutney and sambar, the lamb dosa offers a distinct taste that is a delight to bite into.

Egg Dosa

Eggetarians everywhere would definitely love this splendid combination of the south Indian delicacy with eggs served atop. A mouth-watering blend of eggs and some spicy masala adorning the thin crepe pancake served with coconut chutney and some sambar is sure to make your eating experience at Dosa Hut a delightful one. And to make it even better, you can get some cheese, minced chicken, and minced lamb added in there too!

Ideal for every egg and meat lover who also has a penchant for south Indian delicacies, these scrumptious dosas are a perfect option to be had any time of the day!