Love the idea of coconut added to your food? Once you’ve read through this, you would even more reason to indulge in dishes that are better served with coconut. Here are some ways you can add coconut to your diet and improve your health!

Coconut milk

Extracted from the flesh of the coconut through a complicated procedure, coconut milk is used widely in Indian cooking. Used in a majority of curries and food items made in southern India, coconut milk subtly enhances the taste of the blend of ingredients added to the dish, giving you a delightful taste once it has been cooked to perfection. Its intake also gives you a number of benefits such as improving the health of your heart, building muscle, losing fat, managing diabetes and blood sugar levels, etc.

Coconut flesh

The flesh of the coconut, more often in a grated form, is a common ingredient in most vegetables as well as non-vegetarian dishes made by South Indian. Offering a wealth of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats, the meat of the coconut is as delicious a treat on its own as it is added an ingredient to food items. Be it vegetables, meat, curry, or dessert, coconut is a sure taste enhancer, making any dish even more delectable.

Coconut oil

One great thing about adding coconut oil to your diet it the boost to your digestion. Apart from giving your food the perfect tadka, coconut oil has numerous benefits that come in tow when you use it in your usual cooking. Another great thing about coconut oil is that you can use it even in dishes that don’t need frying!

Coconut is known to not only improve the way foods taste but also has benefits that are an advantage to those who like to eat healthy. If you are suddenly craving dishes that have a generous dollop of coconut added to it, Dosa Hut is one of the many restaurants that serve delicious Indian food in Clayton.