For non-vegetarians, as well as certain vegetarians, eggs are a delicacy that just cannot be ignored. Be it a spicy dish or a delectable dessert, most dishes for them aren’t complete without this item as part of the ingredients. If you have a sudden craving for eggs and are looking to try variations of food items in which eggs are used, Dosa Hut certainly has a lot to offer to you.

Whether it is Indian cuisine or Chinese, you can find a number of dishes to indulge in when you head over to this lovely dining place:


Whisked with care to ensure as much fluff, omelettes are some of the best items that can be made using eggs. Depending on your tastes, you can order up an onion chilli omelette or even try the chicken omelettes served here if you are craving it. And while you are at it, you can even ask them what the special omelette is all about!

Egg Dosas

Believe it or not, eggs taste great even with the dosas served out at Dosa Hut. With their specialty food item cooked with eggs, one can only imagine the explosion of tastes when they try out the egg paneerdosa, the egg chicken dosa, egg lamb dosa, or just a simple egg masala dosa if they are vegetarians to the core.


Noodles are yet another item where adding eggs to the mix can bring out an outcome that is both edible and delectable. The egg noodles and egg schezwan noodles served at this restaurant is worth spending an evening munching on.

Fried Rice

The combination of rice and egg is never really wrong. The delicious fried rice served here, cooked with an egg or two, whether you order an egg fried rice, a schezwan egg fried rice, or even chicken fried rice, lets you enjoy this ideal combination the best possible way.

With Dosa Hut renowned as the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne to have your craving for Indian meals soothed, you know exactly where to head to when the craving strikes.