A popular stew served in southern India and across the globe now, Sambar is alovely combination of spicy and tangy ingredients that amalgamate together to form a curry worth relishing. Made using a number of vegetables, sambar is scrumptious and nutritious, making it a great addition to your meals. While there are a number of variations of this dish, any of the variations you try is sure to be worth the while.

Here are all the ways you can enjoy the goodness of sambar:


Served with dosas


One of the most common items that a sambar is regularly served with is dosa. These paper-thin pancake, made from fermented rice batter, are popular in the South Indian regions and have gradually gained popularity throughout the world. Served with spicy coconut chutney, the combination of dosas with sambar and chutney is one to relish for sure.


Served with idlis


Another dish made expressly with rice is idli, which is a form of a rice cake that is served with coconut chutney and sambar. Equally delicious as dosas, idlis are softer and have numerous variations done to it that are each eaten differently. These are served steaming hot and delectable to bit into.


Served with rice


REuce is another primary dish that tastes splendid with sambar. Popular among south Indians, this combination is worth trying, no matter how simple it looks. If you are tired of the usual taste of lentils with your rice while gorging on Indian food, this spicy, tangy curry is the item to opt for.


Served with vadas


Where dosas and idlis are neutral in taste with no spice added in most cases, unless the dish requires, vada is a substitute many try as a companion to sambar. The combination of spices and ingredients merging together give the dish a unique taste that has made this blend of the two items so common in south Indian restaurants today.

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