Garam masala is the secret to the success and fame of Indian curries. It is a magical mix of an assortment of authentic Indian spices and herbs. Most rich, spicy, and exotic Indian dishes are never complete without a dash of garam masala that is known to give a twist to an ordinary dish and make it extraordinary. Fish preparations, mutton, and chicken curries would not taste the same without garam masala. Explore the extensive spread including an impressive assortment of Biryanis, South Indian delicacies and even Indo-Chinese fusion treats in the best Indian restaurant in Southbank.

What are the chief constituents of garam masala?

The chief constituents of garam masala are cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. The ingredients and their proportions differ from household to household. The proportion of each ingredient to be added to the garam masala mix is not a fixed one. Some more ingredients that could be added to the mix are bay leaf, cumin etc.

What are the benefits of individual constituents of the spice mix?

The three key ingredients are cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. Cloves are known for their immense medicinal benefits. They boast of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-flatulent, antiseptic, local anaesthetic, and carminative properties. Clove oil is effective in alleviating toothache. Cardamom is great for treating bronchitis, cough, and heartburn. Cinnamon is known for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It safeguards you against heart diseases, diabetes and ensures smooth functioning of the brain. It effectively reduces cancer risks, fights infection, as well as, viruses. Cinnamon helps in restoring freshness of breath and boosting oral hygiene. Visit the most reliable Indian restaurant based in Southbank for delicious treats that promote health.

Advantages of Using Garam Masala


Garam masala is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Cumin is one of the constituents of garam masala and it is known to be effective in reduction of inflammatory conditions.

Prevents Cancer

Garam masala has been proven to be quite effective in preventing cancer. When you eat food that contains garam masala, the chief detoxifying enzymes in your body would be functioning more efficiently and would be effectively boosting the normal detoxification process of the body and prevent cancer. Garam masala is that magic masala that is regarded as anti-carcinogen.

Acts as a Digestive

If you use garam masala regularly in your dishes, you would be having no digestive issues. Your digestive system would be functioning perfectly and the entire digestion process would be stable and work just right. You could experience some advantages of consuming this authentic Indian spice mix on a regular basis.  You would experience better metabolism, improvement in digestion and make sure that no toxins are getting accumulated in your body. Enjoy authentic Indian dishes at the best Indian restaurant in Southbank without any worries about your digestive system going for a toss.

Prevents Constipation

Garam masala does a good job in boosting natural digestive processes. It is known to prevent constipation and promote healthy, smooth bowel movements. By consuming garam masala, your body will also get rid of toxins naturally.

There are a number of other advantages of garam masala, one of the foremost being its role in combating diabetes. Cinnamon in garam masala boosts insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar levels as well.