Basmati is an aromatic and truly unique rice that comes from both India and Pakistan. Basmati is known for its amazing aroma. It comes from a chemical known as 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline that is found usually in basmati rice almost 90 parts for every billion. This is supposed to be approximately 12 times more as compared to other kinds of rice. As such, Basmati is so deliciously aromatic unlike usual rice types.

Biryani is one of the most popular Indian dishes worldwide. Biryani would at once lose its distinctive flavours and charm without Basmati as its basic ingredient. Come to the best Indian restaurant in Granville to enjoy a fantastic variety of Biryani made from authentic Basmati Rice. Biryani and pulao or pilaf taste amazing thanks to the truly aromatic Basmati. Your Biryani is loaded with healthy nutrients as Basmati Rice is known to contain a whole lot of nutrients. Moreover, consumption of Basmati promises a number of amazing health benefits.

Prevents Cancer Cells

Basmati offers tremendous nutritional value.  Basmati is regarded as much healthier than the average varieties of rice as it is loaded with nutrients, fibres, and vitamins in much more proportions than any other rice types. Basmati is known to contain almost 20 percent more fibre as compared to other kinds of brown rice. You must be knowing these fibres are effective in preventing the development of cancer cells in your body.

Best for Diabetes Patients

Basmati Rice seems to boast of a relatively lower glycemic index as compared to other kinds of rice. So it is very much recommended for people suffering from diabetes. The GI or glycemic index of food is affected by protein amylose content, fibre, fat, and even starch digestibility. In this context, you must remember that slowly absorbed carbohydrates would be producing blood glucose levels that are low. So, lower glycemic index would be having the potential and the capability of keeping blood glucose levels under control. Basmati rice seems to have 58 glycemic index. Now you can visit the most reputed Indian restaurant based in Granville and enjoy delicious Biryani without any pangs of guilt.

Best for Digestion

Basmati contains higher fibre levels than any other rice types. In this context, you must know that one cupful of Basmati Rice would be having 20% more fibre than other types of rice. Around 7.8g of fibre was found in 200g of brown Basmati. High fibre content would be expediting your digestive system.

Best for Controlling Cholesterol and Reducing Risk of Heart Disease

High fibre content tends to bind the bile acids and cholesterol and effectively eliminates them.  This leads to a definite decrease in the cholesterol levels and even in fat concentration. This would, in turn, bring down the risk associated with heart diseases.

Great for Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

Fibre could be effective in inhibiting fat absorption and reducing calorie intake dramatically. Basmati rice that is packed with nutrients and fibre would be creating a feeling of fullness making you eat less as your hunger is satiated pretty quickly.

Come to the best Indian restaurant located in Granville to enjoy the delicious Biryanis made from authentic and aromatic Basmati.