India is well-known for its lip-smacking chutneys. Chutneys are so versatile that they are capable of complementing different dishes and they could completely transform an ordinary dish into an amazing delicacy. Most Indian chutneys are freshly prepared with healthy and fresh ingredients. It is essential to serve certain food items or snacks with some special type of chutneys. For instance, samosas are served with freshly prepared tangy pudina or mint chutney while dosas are served generally, with coconut chutney. Enjoy your favourite South Indian dishes along with the finger-licking chutneys at the best Indian restaurant in South Melbourne.

Dosa is the most popular South Indian dish across the globe. Everyone loves to have their dosa with finger-licking coconut or tomato chutney. Dosa is actually a crispier version of pancakes and is stuffed with a delicious filling made with boiled and mashed potatoes that taste amazing because of the magical blend of the spices.

What makes your dosa incredibly tasty?

Dosas have become incredibly tasty because of the different types of chutneys and sambar that are served alongside dishes such as dosa, samosas etc. Your dosa tastes even more delicious thanks to the super-tasty chutneys. Piping hot dosa is served with coconut chutneys and piping hot sambar.

What is Sambhar?

One of the most popular accompaniments to south Indian cuisine, sambar is a stew made from pigeon peas, tamarind, vegetables, and spices. While being a staple in the south, it is rumoured to have originated elsewhere, a popular theory being that it was contributed by the Thanjavur Maratha community from West India, a community probably unknown to the Tamils as well. The stew is flavoured with a kind of ground powder including various spices like chilli powder, turmeric, coriander seeds etc. and veggies like potatoes, carrots, okra, radishes, onions, and tomatoes. For adding that last bit of zing, the sambar is garnished using mustard seeds, fenugreek, coriander seeds, and curry leaves. Visit the most reputed Indian restaurant based in South Melbourne to relish mouth-watering dishes from an extensive selection of South Indian fare.

How do people prefer to have their sambar? Hot, Salty, or Sour?

Some people relish sambar that is super delicious but slightly sourer than the other versions of sambar. Some sambar lovers prefer more salty one. Sometimes the intensity of sourness is boosted by the use of specific types of tamarind. In this context, you must know that there exist different types of tamarind that are sourer than the rest. Some prefer more chillies in their sambar. They enjoy spicy hot sambar.

What are the dishes that are eaten with sambar?

Sambar is truly versatile and can be enjoyed with hot crispy dosas and equally well with plain boiled rice and papad. You could enjoy piping hot sambar with idlis, uttapams, vadas, rava dosa, alu bonda and such other delicious Indian snacks.

What is coconut chutney made from?

Coconut chutney is made from grated coconut and little bit of roasted gram lentil blended smoothly together in a blender with some green chillies. This smooth coconut paste is seasoned with curry leaves, roasted mustard seeds, dried red chillies, and urad dal.

What are the dishes that are enjoyed with coconut chutney?

You could relish your dosa more with coconut chutney. However, you could eat the chutney with idlis, uttapams, vadas, rava dosa, alu bonda and such other delicious Indian snacks.

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