Eggs are highly relished among those who gorge on meat and poultry as ravenously as vegetables. And with the kind of nutrition that the dish provides, it surely comes as no surprise.


We certainly cannot deny that following a vegetarian diet will not give you the necessary nutrients required by your body. However, for those not averse to a non-vegetarian diet, here’s why adding eggs to your diet daily is more nutritious:


Your immune system is kept healthy


A healthy immune system requires essential vitamins such as vitamin B12 and vitamin A, both of which are present in eggs. The mineral, Selenium, is also present in adequate amounts in eggs, which is equally vital to keep your immune system healthy.


Your muscles are strengthened


Strengthening your muscles require a good portion of protein on a daily basis. Eggs are full of proteins, giving you the amount, you require in keeping your muscles functioning in their best condition. Further, regular consumption of eggs also keeps the rate of muscle loss low, ensuring that you build enough strength in your muscles through the diet you consume.


Your body weight is kept in check


You may have heard numerous reports of how eggs tend to make you fat. However, you must also know that eggs are an essential part of the diet for people regularly working out. Contradictory, isn’t it? Consuming eggs ensures that you are full, keeping you from mindlessly chomping on junk food. By doing this, you automatically consume less calories, ensuring that you don’t add on more to your body weight. You not only get your daily fill of nutrients but also do so while you lose excess weight.


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