South Indian cuisine is one that everyone has savoured at some point in their life. No matter what part of the world one lives in, the popularity of the dish is spread far and wide to allow everyone a taste of this incredible dish. From the crispy dosas to the spicy chutney that accompanies it, every bite is enough to make you fall in love with the dish even more. And while we have a lot many reasons to give as to why dosas are the one of the tastiest Indian meals one can gorge on, here is us stating why this delicious snack is also the ultimate healthy meal.


Easily digestible


Made from a batter that includes rice and black lentils, the ingredients used to create the batter that is used to make this fermented pancake is healthy on all counts. This makes it easier to digest and savour.


Low saturated fat


Chances of heart diseases increase when food items with high saturated fat are consumed. Dosas, on the other hand, have very low saturated fat, making them healthier to consume.


High in proteins, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates


Dosa contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which are essential nutrients to aid our body’s functioning. Apart from containing minerals such as iron and calcium that work to replenish the body and maintain the health of the bones, this particular food item is also rich in vitamin C.


Fresh when served


The best part of having dosas is that they are served fresh. When prepared, these are hot and crispy which add to the scrumptiousness of the dish, giving you the chance to enjoy freshly prepared food that is made within minutes!.


Delicious food


Alright, we do agree this isn’t a reason to claim why dosas are healthy. But this one is definitely a reason to get you to try it out the next time you are dining at an Indian restaurant in Parramatta.

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