India is a land that has always celebrated its cultural diversity. From the states to the plates, India is literally one of the most diverse countries in the world. Looks, tastes, and aromas vary from one area to the other, but the one constant is that it always tastes wonderful. Indian cooking has always been incredibly varied, and it has only gotten better with time.

Types of Indian Food

Indian food is well-known throughout the world thanks to the fragrant curries, wonderful spice mixes and vibrant colours. While the world views Indian cuisine as two broad segments, North Indian and South Indian, it really isn’t that distinct. In the North, wheat is a staple, while the South Indian cuisine is more rice-based. Onion and coriander are used a lot in the North, while coconut and its derivatives are used in almost every South Indian dish. The Andhra region’s fiery, peppery meals are as enticing as the subtle, coconut-based cuisine from Kerala and the incredible mélange of spicy and sweet in Bengali food. If you are in or around Craigieburn, you should totally head over to a great Indian restaurant to check out these great cuisines for yourself.

What Is South Indian Food About?

South Indians use vegetables as well as seafood and employ a very smooth blend of tastes and flavours from coconut and tamarind to chilli and curry leaves. Some of their specialty dishes are idlis, dosas, puttu, appams, pappadam, pathri, ragi roti, rasam, kesari bath and a lot more. Uttapams, appams and dosas are served with hot sambar and cold coconut chutney, yet another contrast. All this and more is available at any good Indian restaurant in Craigieburn. The non-vegetarian food involves delicious seafood platters and mutton.

Why Is It Great for the Modern Consumer?

As the Indian audience is becoming more and more health conscious, the range of “healthy foods” becomes very limiting. South Indian food is the true saviour here, with its brilliant flavours and rich variation. It is not fatty and does not have any excess fats or oils. This is why it has gained tremendous popularity among youngsters and professionals alike, and is served in all major regional restaurants, cafes, and even on flights. Here are several other benefits of South Indian cuisine:

Great for your immune system: The majority of South Indian food is fermented, which makes it great for your immune system.

More Digestible: South Indian breakfasts are excellent on the digestion front. This is one of the top reasons why people follow healthy diets and is hence a huge plus.

Nutrient-Rich: Fermented foods are rich in nutrients which have manifold benefits for your body.

Cutting the Calories: South Indian food is very low in calories. Therefore, you can munch away to your heart’s content without really ever having to worry about straying from your diet.

The best thing about classic South Indian dishes is that while they are very healthy, you don’t have to compromise on taste either. There is no way you could go wrong with a fulfilling South Indian breakfast. So, you should head over to your favourite Indian restaurant based in Craigieburn and grab a plate.