Idly is the most popular breakfast dish all over the globe. Served with sambhar and chutney, idly is majorly made up of rice and lentil batter. Steamed to perfection, idly is now also eaten as a meal. Idly is one of the most adored dishes in the vegetarian cuisine. This South Indian delicacy now comes in several variations apart from the classic preparation. Along with idly, dosa is also equally famous for its crisp and tasty composition. Right from idly to sambhar, everything has amazing health benefits. Try eating different varieties of idly at an Indian restaurant in Brisbane. The main reason why people prefer to have idly for breakfast is that it is not fried and does not contain oil.

In the current times, most countries are facing problems when it comes to their population’s diet habits. In such a scenario, the studies suggest that most people ruin their health because of their bad breakfast habits. With the increasing awareness, people have now become more conscious about their food habits. Check out the reasons why idly makes for a perfect breakfast.

  •  Idly is best for people who are trying to lose weight. Idlis are steamed and not fried which helps the people who want to cut down on calories.
  • Idlis are made up of rice and lentil batter which means they are loaded with protein and carbohydrates. Consuming protein and carbs in the morning is a great way to start the day.
  • The lack of spices in the idly makes it child-friendly too. Moreover, people who have been advised not to consume spices can rely on idlis for meals too. Even though this delicacy contains no spices, it is extremely delicious. Well, if you want to experiment a bit and try out new varieties you can visit an Indian restaurant in Brisbane and binge on ghee podi idly, chilli idly, Kanchipuram idly, etc.
  • Usually, idly is served with sambhar and chutney and both of these are rich in nutrients. Sambhar is a curry made up of lentils whereas chutney is primarily made up of coconut along with hints of green chillies and coriander.

Visit an Indian restaurant in Brisbane and savour amazing idly varieties.