With several new health trends and diet plans, fatty ingredients have taken a back seat in almost all dishes. People have become extremely health conscious in recent years and that has led to the deletion of most fatty ingredients from recipes. Well, it should be noted that some of these ingredients are also filled with nutritional benefits. Ghee is one ingredient which is widely used in Indian cuisine. More like clarified butter, ghee is extremely good for health when consumed in limited quantities. Apart from health benefits, ghee also adds a subtle flavour to the overall preparation which makes it rich and delectable. There are several recipes which have ghee as their main ingredient base like Ghee Dosa and Ghee Podi Idly. When eaten in normal quantities, ghee can actually do wonders to your health. Apart from protecting the body from various diseases, ghee also has a good influence on the skin and hair. Visit a restaurant which serves the best Indian food in Melbourne and try ghee based dishes! Here are some health benefits of including ghee in your daily diet.


Good for improving skin quality


When it comes to trying natural products for the skin, ghee is often the first choice for many. Ghee is extremely beneficial for skin because it acts as a nourishing element. Beneficial for almost all skin types, ghee can be used as a moisturising agent too. If you suffer from dry skin you must include ghee in your daily diet!


Energy provider


Ghee also helps in increasing the energy levels of the body. Filled with plenty of nutrients like Vitamin D, A, E and K, consumption of ghee is also good for lactating and pregnant women. Moreover, the presence of butyric acid in ghee also helps in improving the immune system of the body.


Keeps the digestive tract healthy


People who suffer from constipation or any other indigestion issues should consume ghee. Ghee contains butyric acid which helps in the growth and repair of tissues in the digestive tract. Additionally, ghee also treats inflammation in the digestive tract.


Head to an eatery which serves the best Indian food in Melbourne and binge on Ghee Dosa and Ghee Podi Idly.