Every Indian state has its popular street food. Depending on the availability of the ingredients and taste of locals, every place now has a speciality of its own. Indian food is full of flavour. Be it a dessert or a curry, you are bound to find something unique in every dish. India’s scrumptious street food is now enjoyed all over the globe. Apart from Indian curries and Indian bread, restaurants are now also serving lip-smacking Indian street food. These roadside delights should be on your must-try list. These dishes are perfect for both light meals and evening snacks. Several Indian roadside dishes are also healthy. Some of the most popular mouthwatering Indian roadside dishes are Sev Puri, Chole Bhatura, Samosa Chaat and Pani Puri. Binge on Indian street food in Melbourne and treat your food-loving soul. Here are some Indian street food dishes you must try without fail!


Chole Bhatura


When you feel too hungry and want to eat something spicy and delicious, Chole Bhatura makes for a perfect dish. In this dish, a spicy chickpeas curry is eaten with a fried white flour bread. A bit heavy on the tummy, Chole Bhatura tastes best with pickle on the side!


Samosa Chaat


Samosas are known for their triangle shape. Samosas are filled with a spicy mixture of mashed potatoes. Deep-fried until golden brown, samosas are crispy and irresistible. In samosa chaat, the samosas are served with different types of chutneys giving it a unique taste. The crunchiness of the samosas is surely going to surprise you.


Sev Puri


Extremely light on the stomach and delicious to the core, Sev Puri is one interesting dish. In this dish, fried puris are topped with chopped tomatoes, onions, mashed potatoes and chutneys. Ideal for evenings, Sev Puri is a bouquet of flavours.

Treat yourself with Indian street food in Melbourne and you are bound to get impressed.